Trainee sheepdog Jody herding a flock of ewes and lambs down a farm track

Started young sheepdogs and cattle dogs for sale

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The dogs listed below all require further training.
DILL - born 12th Dec 2013
Trainee black and white rough coated sheepdog Dill
Dill's a delightful, fun loving young dog who would be ideal for any farming family. (Click any image to enlarge it).

Dill's a quiet, delightful young (unregistered) black and white rough coated female who'll be ideal for working sheep or cattle. At just seven months of age, Dill has already started training on sheep and shows excellent natural control of as many as thirty hoggs. She's also really keen to work cattle. Dill's very keen but easily controlled - flanking both ways around the sheep and stopping well for a dog of her age and experience.

Young sheepdog Dill carrying a piece of bone in her mouth
As well as playful and affectionate, Dill's a remarkably skilled sheepdog for her age.

Capable of short outruns and flanking nicely both ways around the sheep, she's shown exceptional aptitude for working in handling pens - flanking and pushing sheep up through a race with the calm skill and confidence of a much older dog.

She'll come away from the sheep when called, which means she's going to be really easy to train and therefore would be ideal for a beginner. We have both of Dill's parents here and they can be seen working sheep.
Price: £1,000.00.

Bo - born 12th Dec 2013
Trainee sheepdog Bo out in the field with other dogs
Not just a pretty face - Bo's a delightful young dog.

Bo's a litter sister of Dill (above). She's already had a little training with sheep and she's shown a keen interest in working cattle too. With just one formal session of training, Bo will flank both ways around the sheep and stop (albeit reluctantly).

Both of Bo's parents are here and can be seen working sheep.
Price: £750.00.

Faye - born 12th Dec 2013
Young Border Collie Sheepdog Faye
Faye's a friendly dog with a high work drive. Dill, Bo and Faye have VERY similar looks.

Another of Dill's litter sisters, Faye is a lovely black and white rough coated female (unregistered). She's had a brief introduction to sheep and will clearly be fine working with sheep or cattle but has had no formal training as such.

Both parents live here and can be seen working sheep.
Price: £650.00.

Madge - born 6th Apr 2013
Sheep and cattle dog Madge
Madge is a lovely little dog with a great big heart. With training, she'll move cattle and sheep with ease.

Madge is a black and white smooth coated female with white face and black ears. She's had an introduction to sheep and she's ready and keen to continue. She'll probably be equally at home working sheep or cattle.

Madge is 75% Working Border Collie and 25% Jack Russell Terrier and although she's small, she shows great courage and (usually) a natural tendency to flank round sheep rather than chase them. With encouragement, she'll be easy to train on to a much higher standard.
Price: £450.00.

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