A closeup of a new born border collie puppy

Kay and Ollie’s new family!

Take a really close look at Kay & Oliver's pups

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Some of these (ISDS Registered) puppies will eventually be for sale to suitable active homes. Prices start at £450.

We also have a few older puppies for sale.

DO NOT TEXT for details of dogs or pups. We do not sell for export or through a third party.

Alternatively, contact us for details of any litters we'll have later in the year. (We have none planned just at the moment though).

ISDS registered sheep dog or agility puppies for sale in Worcestershire

For sheep or agility – collie pups available

We're expecting these high-drive puppies to make fabulous sheepdogs, cattle dogs or agility competitors.

Every dog we sell is covered by our "no quibble" 30 day money-back guarantee, together with a free training session, online tutorial subscription, and DVD if required.

Very cute border collie puppies
Even at 6 weeks of age, not everyone entirely trusts a photographer. (Click an image to enlarge it).

Meg and Ezra produced a litter of eight healthy puppies on October 26th 2014 - all females!

We're looking to sell four of these lovely girls to active agility, farming or sheep working homes.

The pups have been microchipped and are regularly wormed and Frontlined, but not yet vaccinated.

Even at this early age, all the pups are interested in sheep and display great confidence.

They will make excellent working dogs and should be easy to train provided they're not allowed to get into a situation where the sheep challenge and frighten them while they're still small (but that won't be the puppy's fault!)

Both parents of these pups can be seen working sheep
Powerful-looking male border collie
Everything about Ezra suggests power and confidence!

Ezra combines some of the best dogs we've owned, which is why we're keeping at least three to train on for ourselves.

His mother is Mel (buried by her grandchildren in the top photo), his father is Eli, and he's a litter brother of Carew.

Ezra's sired only one other litter (with Kay in 2013, producing 8 males!) but those offspring have been very impressive indeed. Some, including the one we still have, Remus, are working as sheepdogs, and in agility they've made meteoric progress with some very experienced handlers.

Ezra is (we think) a wonderful dog: well mannered, biddable, athletic and powerful, he's an ideal combination.

Meg's a lovely dog - and she's a useful sheepdog too
This is Meg's second litter. She's proved to be a great Mum.

The mother, Meg is a great character. She was bred in Ireland, from trialling lines, and we've owned her since she was a year old.

Meg's what we think of as a high-drive dog, but she's affectionate (sometimes too affectionate - she loves to climb into your lap for a cuddle), a good worker and hugely athletic.

Meg's one of our top ball and disc retrievers, but play never interferes with her work.

Black and white pretty collie puppy
One of the litter - Isadora

The pups are well socialised, confident, inquisitive and very active.

They eagerly take the rough and tumble of running out with the adult dogs, and spend extra time with the younger dogs (who love to help out with the "training").

Call Andy or Gill on:
01886 888 917
or 0777 955 4560
or Contact us

We're expecting the puppies will grow into confident, capable dogs combining Ezra's commitment and strength of character, with Meg's personality and drive.

Black and white border collie puppy
Gabby - just weighing things up

All the puppies are black and white, well marked and rough coated, priced at £600.

Do not text for details of dogs or pups  -   We do not sell for export or through a third party.

Or contact us for details of any litters later in the year.

Sheepdog Training Tutorials – Volume 2 now in stock

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Promotional pic of our Sheepdog Training Tutorials 2xDVD set

We're pleased to announce to all those who've been waiting patiently for Volume Two of our collected Sheepdog Training Tutorials - it's here!

The PAL and NTSC format version are in stock and already shipping throughout the world.

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A wonderful gift for anyone who wants to train a sheepdog, Volume Two has sixteen chapters ranging from basic training - such as getting a good stop on a stubborn dog and how to get the dog to bring the sheep out of a training ring - through to more advanced work such as training the dog to circle the sheep on command, and a two chapter introduction to sheepdog trials.

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