It’s not often you get this close to a Buzzard

The dogs found this buzzard in our orchard this morning - we hope it's OK

Buzzards are a very common sight near our house. I think the most I have ever counted was thirteen, but that was just one occasion. Normally there are one or two around the orchard, and they take very little notice of the dogs, only lazily flying to another nearby bough if one gets really close.

This morning was different though. I spotted Will, our oldest Kelpie very close to a buzzard which was on the ground. What attracted me was the massive wings as the bird put on a display to warn the youngster off. Will took no notice though, and continued to stare at the bird which was perching on a log on the ground.

Will is a very handsome young Kelpie sheep herding dog
Kelpie Will discovered the Buzzard on the ground in our orchard this morning

Worried that the dogs might harm the buzzard, which appeared unable or unwilling to fly, I took the dogs back to the yard and put them away in their pens. I explained to Gill what I'd seen, and after grabbing my camera from inside the house, the two of us walked back to the part of the field where I'd seen the buzzard, and it was still there.

I couldn't understand why the bird had not taken off, and I still think it must have been unwell, or at least, exhausted.

I began to take photographs as I very carefully approached the bird, but still it remained in place until we were within two metres of it. Only then did the creature fly slowly and low to another log further down the field.

Hopefully it was just exhausted for some reason. We let the dogs back out again to continue their morning run, but I kept them as far from the buzzard as I could. Using binoculars, I eventually watched it fly up to a higher perch before disappearing altogether, so maybe it was OK.

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Started young sheepdogs and cattle dogs for sale

Jet - born 1st September 2015


Advertised here on behalf of Andy's daughter, Ruth, Jet (see picture above) is an unregistered, 13 month old mostly black, border collie sheepdog who has just started her training. She was bred from working parents.

Jet has had only a couple of lessons with a few sheep, but is already showing potential. She circles the sheep and is keen to hold them to the handler. Her work now needs shaping to make her widen out and steady a little but, with regular training, she will soon get the hang of it. She is the perfect age to start serious training.

She is an ideal project for anyone who wishes to train their own sheepdog for farm, trial or smallholding. She has the potential to make an excellent sheepdog, but she would also make a great family pet, agility or flyball dog.

For full details of Jet, call Ruth on:
07966 089 642

She is a very happy, friendly dog who is great with children, adults and other dogs. She walks nicely on the lead and comes when she is called.

Jet is fully vaccinated and microchipped. She currently lives outside so she's not house trained, but dogs of Jet's age can be house trained more quickly than puppies. With a little time, patience and guidance, Jet should quickly adapt to living in the house.

working sheep and cattle dog for sale

Rosewood ARCHIE - (SOLD)
born 11th April 2014 - ISDS: 00/333847


Archie is a rough coated, ISDS registered Border collie who not only has great working potential but he's a super character!

partly trained sheepdog for sale
Archie's control of his sheep has improved immensely in recent days and he's doing a little driving now, too.

Completely dispelling the myth that you shouldn't let sheepdogs play, Archie's equally at home with a ball in his mouth, or working a flock of sheep. He'd love to work our neighbour's cattle too, if we'd let him!

At 13 months Archie's proving to be an extremely competent young flock dog. Every time he goes to sheep, his work improves considerably. He has a useful outrun and gathers his sheep cleanly but if he's sent too far, he's a little bit inclined to split them, but he responds instantly to the stop command and will stay in place while the sheep re-group. He's also responding well to the "Look back" command, so his confidence to outrun over greater distances and gather the whole flock will come very soon. Once it does, his price will increase rapidly.

Two border collies jumping a log
Archie loves fun, and would probably do agility too

Generally, Archie's calm and easily controllable around the sheep. He'll happily flank both ways, walks up on command, and his stop is near perfect. He's also started driving the sheep, and shows great confidence at this.

Now that he's been successfully introduced to pen work, his confidence will continue to build quickly. He'll flank around the inside of a crowded pen without diving in and gripping or harassing the sheep unduly, and his pace is steady - making him an ideal prospect for a new or novice handler.

Working Sheepdog for Sale - Archie
Archie gives his sheep plenty of space but he's prepared to get in and push if he needs to

Away from sheep, Archie is a fun-loving dog who enjoys joining in with whatever's going on. He's also quite happy to entertain himself, and shows tremendous style in both throwing and catching! He loves to play football!

Young Archie's got the makings of an excellent sheepdog for someone who's willing to continue his training. He's enthusiastic and biddable, as well as eager to learn and please. Very importantly, you can call him away from the sheep. This makes training much easier.

Three white collie puppies
Archie (at the back) with his litter sisters Isla (left) and the smoother-coated Sybil, when they were very young

His affectionate and amenable nature will make Archie a super family and farm dog too. He loves children (especially ones who throw balls for him to retrieve) and while not traditionally marked he's very striking.

There's a possibility that we would sell one of Archie's litter sisters instead, but their training is not as far advanced as Archie's. If you prefer a female and are looking for something to train, please get in touch.

Call Andy on:
01886 888 917
or 0777 955 4560
or Contact us

Archie - SOLD (150528).

His sire is Jock (ISDS 00/304524) and his dam is Gail (00/314776).

REMUS - born 31st October 2012 - ISDS: 00/324222 SOLD.

Remus (also shown in the top photo) is a lovely home-bred dog, from our own dogs Ezra and Kay.

Young border collie bringing sheep down a sloping field
Remus is ready and willing to tackle new challenges

Remus has a medium outrun, brings all his sheep reliably and has a good stop.

He flanks beautifully both ways around the sheep, and has started to drive. He will also "Look-back" and gather more sheep when required.

Like his father Ezra, Remus has lots of power in reserve. He doesn't harass the sheep, but is determined and controllable and especially good when working in pens or pushing sheep through a race.

Sheepdog relaxing
Away from sheep, Remus is a relaxed happy dog who loves attention

Already a very useful farm and sheep dog, Remus will make great progress when he's getting regular work and his outrun will soon lengthen.

We had intended to keep him for trialling - and there's no reason why he shouldn't still make a trials dog - but we really don't have enough time or work to do him justice.

Call Andy on:
01886 888 917
or 0777 955 4560
or Contact us

Away from the sheep Remus is a good natured, companionable, obedient and very good looking young dog with loads of potential.

He works happily for a man or a woman and doesn't need a highly experienced handler to make a good job of bringing in your sheep.

Remus is SOLD.

Bo - (SOLD) - born 12th Dec 2013

Bo's a young unregistered black and white rough coated female who is fun loving but obedient and very keen on working sheep or cattle.

Trainee sheepdog Bo out in the field with our other dogs
Bo's shaping up to be a really useful sheepdog. (Click to enlarge).

She's already making excellent progress with her training on sheep and she's shown a keen interest in working cattle too.

Bo will flank both ways around the sheep, and stop fairly well. She flanks beautifully in the anticlockwise "Away" direction but not quite so well the other way. This improves every time she goes to sheep - it's purely a case of being left or right-handed as with humans. Fortunately though, it's far easier to correct in a dog than it is with humans.

Young border collie sheepdog for sale - Bo
Not just a pretty face - Bo is a delightful young dog who will make an excellent sheepdog. (Click image to enlarge).

She's a fun-loving dog who likes people and other dogs. With some more training (the hardest part has already been done) she should make a very useful worker and an ideal family dog.

Call Andy on:
01886 888 917
or 0777 955 4560
or Contact us

Bo has all the requirements of an excellent sheepdog for someone who's willing to continue her training. Both of her parents live here and can be seen working sheep.
Bo is SOLD.

Faye - (SOLD) - born 12th Dec 2013

Young Border Collie Sheepdog Faye
Faye's a friendly dog with a high work drive. Dill, Bo and Faye have VERY similar looks.

Faye is a lovely natured black and white rough coated female (unregistered). She's had a brief introduction to sheep and will clearly be fine working with sheep or cattle but has had no formal training as such.

She gets along very well with people and other dogs, loves to play with a ball or frisbee, and generally join in the fun. She should make an ideal family dog.

Call Andy on:
01886 888 917
or 0777 955 4560
or Contact us

Faye is an excellent prospect for someone who's prepared to train their own sheepdog. Both of her parents live here and can be seen working sheep.
Faye is SOLD. (150130)

Kemi KIM - (SOLD) - born 15th Feb 2013 - ISDS: 00/326861

If you're looking for a partly trained working sheepdog with something very special, Kim could be the right dog for you.

Sheepdog staring at the camera with bright orange eyes
Someone's watching you! Kim has a very distinctive look. (Click to enlarge).

Kim's a slender, smooth coated, black and white female - bred by 2014 World Trial runner-up Kevin Evans.
Sire: Moss 282254 (W V Evans) - Dam: Kate 00/315767 (D K Evans).

The quality of work she's shown so far in her training suggest she'll make a superb trials dog, or an unbelievably good farm dog. Calm but firm and athletic with plenty of confidence, although it's comparatively early in her training, Kim's highly controllable around sheep.

trainee sheepdog Kim watching the camera as she runs
Kim shows all the qualities of an excellent sheepdog in the making. (Click to enlarge).

With excellent clean, wide flanks, a reliable medium length outrun and (usually) a good stop, Kim's strong willed, but very biddable and keen to please. The difficult part of her training has been done and now that she's flanking and stopping well, she's a pleasure to train.

Kim would be ideal for novice or expert trainer alike.

Close-up of Kim - a black and white smooth coated collie sheepdog
Kim's a pleasure to have around, and a pleasure to work with sheep. (Click to enlarge).

Kim's started driving. At the moment she'll push the sheep away while working approximately six or seven metres ahead of the handler but of course, this distance will increase rapidly with practice. She can be called away from the sheep with ease.

Call Andy on:
01886 888 917
or 0777 955 4560
or Contact us

Although she's not one for playing games, Kim gets on well with other dogs, and is quietly affectionate with people. She has no unpleasant traits that we're aware of and should make a wonderful family dog as well as a superb working sheepdog.
Kim is SOLD (141017)

JIM - (SOLD) - born 28th Oct 2012

Jim's a good, honest sheepdog who loves people and other dogs. He can be relied upon to do a good outrun and gather all the sheep - ideal for an unskilled handler.

Rough coated tricolour sheepdog for sale, Jim
Jim doesn't play games, he just wants to work, but he's very obedient. (Click to enlarge).

Bred by ex-England national sheepdog trials team captain Derek Lloyd, Jim's a tall, rough coated tricolour dog who's long stride makes him ideal for covering rough ground.
Sire: Ben 284431 (P R Fernyhough) - Dam: L'minster Molly 287670 (D W Lloyd).

Jim's work isn't fancy, he doesn't dart about this way and that, he simply goes out in a steady workmanlike manner and fetches the sheep. His determination to gather all the sheep even if they're well spaced out in the field makes him absolutely ideal for gathering work with an unskilled handler - just take him into the field, send him off and he'll come back with the sheep.

Jim's a tall dog with a good long stride.
Jim's a tall dog with a good long stride - ideal for covering rough ground. (Click to enlarge).

Jim will also push sheep into a pen - and just as importantly, push them through a race - and then get them out of the enclosure again cleanly, and without a fuss.

Call Andy on:
01886 888 917
or 0777 955 4560
or Contact us

Overall, Jim's a friendly dog with a strong work drive and although he doesn't have what we'd claim to be an instant stop, he quickly learns when to keep back and doesn't upset the sheep. He can be relied upon to simply go and fetch the sheep without fear of mishap.
Jim is SOLD (141004)

Madge - (SOLD) - born 6th Apr 2013

A wonderful family dog and farm-help, Madge is a delightful smooth coated female with white face and black ears.

Collie x terrier Madge lying in the grass
Not just a pretty face! Madge adored people and loves to play with balls. She'll make a great family dog. (Click to enlarge).

She's had an introduction to sheep and is ready and keen to continue. Madge would probably be equally at home working with sheep or cattle - although at the moment, she works better while pushing them along rather than gathering them.

Sheep and cattle dog Madge
Madge is a lovely little dog with a great big heart. With training, she'll move cattle and sheep with ease.

Madge is 75% Working Border Collie and 25% Jack Russell Terrier and although she's small, she shows great courage and (importantly) can be easily called away from livestock.

Madge adores the company of people and other dogs - and will happily play ball and retrieve. She's very clean and obedient, and would make a wonderful family pet who can work cattle and sheep as well.

Call Andy on:
01886 888 917
or 0777 955 4560
or Contact us

Happy to walk alongside you as you drive cattle or sheep, with encouragement she'll be easy to train on to a higher standard.
Madge is SOLD (140922).

We're training sheepdogs every day, so if you don't see what you want here, please contact us with brief details of what you're looking for, and we'll do our best to help you find the right dog.

Do not text for details of dogs or pups  -  We do not sell for export or through a third party

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