Balance – What’s the Point?

Our video tutorial about the all important point of balance when training a sheepdog

What is the point of balance and where can I find it?

The point of balance is critically important when training or working herding dogs

Don't underestimate the importance of understanding the point of balance when you are training or working dogs on cattle, sheep or any other stock. Knowing precisely where the dog should be at any given time, and under what circumstances, will be of treat help to any handler or trainer.

This tutorial explains what the point of balance is, and demonstrates that it isn't always to be found where you might expect it. You can find out more about our sheepdog training tutorial videos below.

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2 thoughts on “Balance – What’s the Point?”

  1. Hi I am back on the air and enjoying the tutorials once again, I have
    a uk imported dog who is slicing behind the sheep, he works very well
    and then all of a sudden he flanks and instead of nice and steady he
    slices often gripping a leg on the way, is this a distance problem
    which tutorial would help, Also the distance you get does that come
    from driving I can’t seem to get that beautfiul distance in any of my

    1. Thank you for your email. It’s good to know you are enjoying the tutorials again.
      Two of them are particularly good for keeping the dog back off the sheep and giving them space:
      (These links only work if you’re logged- in)
      Backwards is the way Forward!
      The Training Stick
      Walking backwards is quite tedious, but it’s one of the best ways to put some polish on your dog’s work – it shows the dog where you want it to be and teaches it self discipline. If you can keep the dog back as you walk backwards, the dog will learn to flank wider too.

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