Carew’s declared fit for Evesham Sheepdog Trial!

She seems sound again now, so we'll give it a go!

After her cattle herding escapade last Sunday, Carew went lame, and we were worried that she might not be fit to run in the Evesham sheepdog trials this weekend.

Sheepdog Carew facing two cattle which are looking back at her through the fence.
"And don't even think of coming back!" Carew faces a defiant pair of cattle through the fence after she's driven them back to their own pasture. (Click to enlarge).

Several careful examinations failed to reveal any sign of injury, foreign body or obvious inflammation but we were concerned that her recovery seemed slow, but yesterday she seemed much better, and this morning when I gathered our small flock with her, I couldn't detect any sign of lameness at all.

We've deliberately kept her away from the rough and tumble of the other dogs when they go out for their morning and evening runs - something that didn't amuse Carew at all - but this morning she was out with the others for the full run. We made sure we didn't throw the frisbee though, that's something the dogs take very seriously.

All being well, Carew and Kay will run at Pebworth over the weekend. The local novice trial begins at 2.00 pm on Saturday (9th August) and the open trial runs all day on Sunday.

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