Started young sheepdogs and cattle dogs for sale

Odo - SOLD

Born 27th May 2015 - ISDS: 00/338443
Sire: Ezra 00/313303 - Dam: Meg: 00/312140

About Odo
A home bred ISDS registered sheepdog that will also be suitable for cattle and other livestock. Odo doesn't have a great deal of practical farm experience, but he's very keen and a quick learner. He's got a very useful outrun, wide flanks, and a good stop. His sheep control is very good, and he's learning to drive.

Odo's ideal for: SHEEP, CATTLE, GOATS, POULTRY and other livestock

Selling dogs is never easy, but with a dog like Odo, it's really hard. He's one of the nicest, most friendly and obliging young dogs you could wish to meet. He wants nothing more than to please his owner, both around the yard, and when he's working.

Odo's mother is Meg, one of our permanent dogs, and his sire is our Ezra, litter brother of Carew, one of the best sheep and cattle dogs we've ever had. Their mother was Mel, a truly outstanding sheepdog with bags of power and an astonishing ability to know what her handler wanted her to do.

Odo controlling sheep near some trees
Odo's sheep control is excellent.

General Working
Odo's a delight to train, because he's so eager to please. If he knows he's got something wrong, he'll try harder next time to get it right. He's visibly pleased if his handler's happy with his work.

Odo is fully vaccinated and microchipped

Odo's experience is limited, but he's young and will quickly adapt to new tasks. As well as easily managing around thirty five sheep at home, we've used him for gathering sheep on another holding where he quickly settled into the new surroundings and gathered in the region of two hundred sheep without a problem. He then pushed them into a yard.

Odo has a very useful outrun and it's improving daily. He casts out wide and comes in behind his sheep nicely where he'll stop if told to. His control of the sheep as he brings them to the handler is steady and workmanlike. He'll stay back as far as you like, or he's happy to push if you want him to.

Herding sheepdog Odo walking up on his sheep
Odo will keep right back off his stock if required.

Odo's flanks are excellent. He turns out nicely and goes wide. He stops immediately (most of the time). He flanks wider or not so wide depending on the emphasis in the handler's voice, and if he's too wide, can easily be called in closer.

Self control
A really useful feature of Odo's is his willingness to go further back when told to. He's also pretty good at staying in place and not interfering if you're working in amongst the sheep.

Odo has been sold, subject to his 30 day trial (170304)
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Although he's already a very useful farm dog, Odo has tremendous scope for further improvement. With experience and further training, he will make a first class working stock dog with the potential to reach a high standard as a sheepdog trials dog if required.

Good with children?
No dog should ever be fully trusted with very young children, but Odo simply loves people and children alike. He'll catch a frisbee or ball six feet in the air, and will bring it back to the thrower's feet immediately. He can also be told to go and look for a lost ball, and will usually find it, but when nothing's going on, he also loves to simply lie by your feet. We'll really miss Odo when he goes.

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Rosewood Archie - (SOLD)

born 11th April 2014 - ISDS: 00/333847
Sire: Jock 00/304524 - Dam: Gail 00/314776

Archie is a rough coated, ISDS registered Border collie who not only has great working potential but he's a super character!

partly trained sheepdog for sale
Archie's control of sheep has improved recently days and he's beginning to drive.

Completely dispelling the myth that you shouldn't let sheepdogs play, Archie's equally at home with a ball in his mouth, or working a flock of sheep. He'd love to work our neighbour's cattle too, if we'd let him!

At 13 months Archie's proving to be an extremely competent young flock dog. Every time he goes to sheep, his work improves considerably.

Archie's ideal for: SHEEP, CATTLE, GOATS, POULTRY
and other livestock

He has a useful outrun and gathers his sheep cleanly but if he's sent too far, he's a little bit inclined to split them, but he responds instantly to the stop command and will stay in place while the sheep re-group. He's also responding well to the "Look back" command, so his confidence to outrun over greater distances and gather the whole flock will come very soon. Once it does, his price will increase rapidly.

Two border collies jumping a log
Archie loves fun, and would probably do agility too

Generally, Archie's calm and easily controllable around the sheep. He'll happily flank both ways, walks up on command, and his stop is near perfect. He's also started driving the sheep, and shows great confidence at this.

Now that he's been successfully introduced to pen work, his confidence will continue to build quickly. He'll flank around the inside of a crowded pen without diving in and gripping or harassing the sheep unduly, and his pace is steady - making him an ideal prospect for a new or novice handler.

Working Sheepdog for Sale - Archie
Archie gives his sheep plenty of space but he's prepared to get in and push if he needs to

Away from sheep, Archie is a fun-loving dog who enjoys joining in with whatever's going on. He's also quite happy to entertain himself, and shows tremendous style in both throwing and catching! He loves to play football!

Young Archie's got the makings of an excellent sheepdog for someone who's willing to continue his training. He's enthusiastic and biddable, as well as eager to learn and please. Very importantly, you can call him away from the sheep. This makes training much easier.

Three white collie puppies
Archie (at the back) with his litter sisters Isla (left) and the smoother-coated Sybil, when they were very young

His affectionate and amenable nature will make Archie a super family and farm dog too. He loves children (especially ones who throw balls for him to retrieve) and while not traditionally marked he's very striking.

There's a possibility that we would sell one of Archie's litter sisters instead, but their training is not as far advanced as Archie's. If you prefer a female and are looking for something to train, please get in touch.

Archie is SOLD.

We're training sheepdogs every day, so if you don't see what you're looking for here, please contact us with brief details of your requirements.
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Border collie for an active pet home

CLOVIS - bred for work, but bored by sheep!
Clovis is SOLD (subject to his 30 day trial) 161114

Clovis was born here on April 3rd 2016.

His parents are both working dogs with excellent trialling pedigrees but, despite some early promise, Clovis has decided against working sheep for a living. He will, however, make a lovely pet for an active home.

Smooth coated collie dog for sale
Clovis has a calm temperament, but loves to be in on the action

Clovis is well socialised with people and other dogs (including Chihuahuas) and loves to be involved with whatever we're doing.

He currently lives in an outside pen, but he's eager to please and will be easy to house train if you want him to live indoors.


Please email, using the Contact Us link at the top of the page, if you'd like more details or if you'd like to come and see the dogs.

Our puppies are bred with sheep and cattle working in mind, but temperament is just as important to us. Clovis is a delightful character - obedient, affectionate and companionable.

He is microchipped, vaccinated, and International Sheep Dog Society registered. Clovis is SOLD (subject to his 30 day trial) 161114.