Border collie for an active pet home

Non-working collie dog for sale

CLOVIS - bred for work, but bored by sheep!
Clovis is SOLD (subject to his 30 day trial) 161114

Clovis was born here on April 3rd 2016.

His parents are both working dogs with excellent trialling pedigrees but, despite some early promise, Clovis has decided against working sheep for a living. He will, however, make a lovely pet for an active home.

Smooth coated collie dog for sale
Clovis has a calm temperament, but loves to be in on the action

Clovis is well socialised with people and other dogs (including Chihuahuas) and loves to be involved with whatever we're doing.

He currently lives in an outside pen, but he's eager to please and will be easy to house train if you want him to live indoors.


Please email, using the Contact Us link at the top of the page, if you'd like more details or if you'd like to come and see the dogs.

Our puppies are bred with sheep and cattle working in mind, but temperament is just as important to us. Clovis is a delightful character - obedient, affectionate and companionable.

He is microchipped, vaccinated, and International Sheep Dog Society registered. Clovis is SOLD (subject to his 30 day trial) 161114.

You can find shelter in all sorts of places

Three young puppies huddled together in an upturned dog bed

An upturned plastic dog bed comes in handy when you need somewhere to snooze!

These are a few of the border collie puppies we sometimes have for sale to suitable working or very active homes

A solitary Kelpie puppies face looks out from a mass of wet border collie puppies in a dog bed
Spot the odd one out! Kelpie Molly is swamped by a mass of very wet border collie puppies

The puppies come from excellent sheep and cattle working lines, and will be ideal for farm work as well as agility and other very active homes. Some will be rough coated and a few will be smooth.

Large dog bed filled with border collie, kelpie and chihuahua pups
One happy family! Eric the chihuahua and Molly the kelpie love to spend time with the collie pups

We have both parents of the puppies here and genuine prospective buyers are welcome to spend time with the pups and their parents, both in our garden and out in the field, weather (and suitable clothing) permitting.

Use the CONTACT form to get in touch with us if you'd like to apply for a puppy.