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Title photo. A trainee dog circling sheep on command

Circle the Sheep

One of the most important lessons you can teach a sheepdog is to circle the sheep in front of you on command. It will improve the dog's confidence as well as your control over both dog and sheep.

We're not pretending it's easy to teach a dog to circle on command, but it's well worth the effort.

In the tutorial you'll see what commonly goes wrong, why it goes wrong, and most important, how to put it right.
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One Reply to “CQA – Circle the Sheep, Tutorial Comments”

  1. Hi Andy, Really enjoying going back through all the tutorials right now. Your original DVD using the training pen was my introduction on how to train my young dog by myself with little to no outside help. I have a batch of student dogs right now that are ready for driving along with a pup of my own that is a real natural and I’ve been reviewing all the tutorials on driving and have a question about the use of the training ring for “circling the sheep on command”. In the tutorial you have the dog inside the ring with the sheep while you are on the outside. To me this seems to be a more advanced step to having the sheep inside the pen like the original way you start a dog and then handler and dog outside. My plan for tomorrow when I am back teaching is to pop the sheep in a pen and work the dog on the outside “circling all the way past me” and around again. We’ve used the pen extensively starting new dogs but have never really used it with more mechanical advanced training. Have you tried this? In the early stages with most dogs they have done this accidentally plenty of times with us trying to turn them back. Anyways my plan is to test the idea with my young dog and then introduce my students to it if we have success. The next step would be for the handler to be outside the pen and the dog inside and then finally out to the paddock for more independent work. My 4 year old dog Nero learned all this without the help of the pen, but he is a very cooperative dog that was more willing than most to come off balance. We also did a lot of long line work driving. Nancy Creel

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