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How Often, How Long

If you sometimes wonder how often, and for how long you should be training your dog, this tutorial will give you some valuable guidelines.
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4 Replies to “CQA – How Often, How Long, Tutorial Comments”

    1. It’s impossible to answer that question without seeing the dog working. Every dog is different, and the duration of a training session depends on it’s temperament, it’s confidence, it’s fitness and stamina, and (probably most important) it’s mental tiredness.
      Some dogs (usually beginners) can work for just a few minutes, while others can work for several hours.
      The sheep can affect the duration of a dog’s working session too. Some sheep move easily, while others can make things very difficult for the dog.
      You can find out much more by watching the How Often, How Long video tutorial – but of course you need to be a (paying) member to do that.
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  1. Strictly speaking, not a training question, but here’s my problem, Bella, 2.5 year old had now become a joy ( majority) of the time to work. Confident and strong, at the same time not hard on the sheep. As with all collies always eager and excited about going out for a walk but once out rarely leaves a two feet distance from me bouncing and spinning around, seemingly looking for guidance I guess? She occasionally runs and plays with my lab but most of the time just bounces and annoys me resulting in not a lot of energy loss and if any thing winds her self up. She lives in the house and is fine in side but as soon as we go out side starts her bouncing and spinning. Love’s her ball inside but not interested in it out side? Strange question I know but you are the collie wisperer. Any thoughts? Thanks

    1. Hello Andy,
      Good question – although it’s more behavioural than sheepdog related.
      Dogs will only react in the way that Bella is if they get some kind of reward or reaction from it. Dare I suggest that when she was a cute puppy, this was regarded as great fun (and she earned a lot of attention by it) but now she’s bigger and sometimes muddier too, it’s not so entertaining?
      Bella needs training to behave herself properly. Make her sit – and stay there, if she’s bouncing around. She’ll stop the madness if she learns that every time she does it she’ll have to sit and stay for some time.

      If she won’t stop, shove her back in the house (or somewhere she doesn’t want to be) so that she misses out on the fun of being out with you.
      If she doesn’t get the reward, she’ll behave differently.

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