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An Insight into Pack Behaviour - New tutorial

This tutorial's a little different from usual as we're looking at dog behaviour, rather than training. "An Insight into Pack Behaviour" was originally a chapter on our Still Off Duty DVD, and is 33 minutes of our thoughts about what we see when we're out and about with our dogs.
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12 Replies to “CQA – Pack Behaviour Tutorial Comments”

  1. Hi Andy/Gill
    Great bit of video, it has answered quite a few of my own questions with my variable pack of 3/4/5 – in particular, why only one dog watches me (I had thought it something to do with the others being their pups, or me not taking them all out separately enough…) it has set my mind at rest!
    I also found it VERY useful to see the fight sequence. Here on our farm dog fights are very much frowned upon, to the extent that we segregate our dogs (too much in my opinion). Any fight is considered to be too much, and I’ve often wondered what would happen if we left well alone. Unfortunately we have one bitch who attacks everything that comes into the yard, and she’s drawn blood quite a number of times, but bitches seem to fight differently – more intentionally, if you like. What is your opinion on that? Do your bitches fight, and can you let them get on with it?

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