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What Shall I Do Next?

When you start to train a sheepdog, there are so many issues that need attention, it can be quite daunting. While there's no simple rule for the order of training, we suggest a logical pattern that we follow, and explain why.

Once the dog's making good progress and controlling its sheep well, the sequence of events should be varied to keep the dogs interest and attention.

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6 Replies to “CQA – What Shall I Do Next, Tutorial Comments”

  1. Hi Andy,

    I have two collies both 18mths old. One drives very well, the other is good one day bad the next and there’s no continuity from one session to the next (even baffled my trainer who has been training for nearly 20yrs)
    We have reduced her protein amounts in hope that it maybe diet related!
    She will drive the sheep a way from us and will then cut in front of the sheep to bring them back ignoring a lie down command or a flank, I understand it is more natural to bring the sheep to me than drive them away!!
    I have walked beside her whilst driving for past 5mths and she knows her flanks well but as soon as we increase the distance she goes to pieces and brings them back!! We have tried long ropes to stop her going around them, pipes, cracking a whip everything!! She just wants her own way and is capable of this! Some days she will do it well, then gets excited cuts across and then the sheep are coming back to me not listening to lie down command or even that’ll do!! She’s too far to block it so gets away with it which is obviously why she repeats this as it’s not stopped but not from the want if both of us trying !! Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated, sam

  2. I also found this tutorial very helpful indeed. I am now retraining my
    two dogs Choco and Kate after undergoing a knee operation. 3 months is a long time, but they are very clever and have not forgotten
    a thing. Actually I think I need the reminders. Yvonne

    1. Hello again, Yvonne – I hope your surgery was a complete success.
      It’s surprising how long dogs can be left untrained before their skill level is affected.

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