Pic of the day – Dulcie & Gloria

Dulcie and Gloria - such devoted sisters!

No one plays quite like a litter mate, but even a litter mate can surprise you!
No one plays quite like a litter mate, but even a litter mate can surprise you!

Just before Christmas, 2011, we bought a litter of well bred Border collies in readiness for training during the following summer.

They were all individuals but, typical of litter mates, played together endlessly - and at high speed - whenever the opportunity arose.

All the puppies, four females and chunky dog, Denis, became excellent sheepdogs, but it wasn't necessarily their sheep skills that we missed after they'd all left home.

We're still looking out for a Kelpie puppy or young dog!

We want to find a working Kelpie

Please read the blog and let us know if you know of a Kelpie pup - or young dog that has not begun training yet. We had lots of response to the blog and we're probably sorted for next year, but we'd like to get something sooner if possible. STRICTLY for training as sheep or cattle dogs. They MUST be from very good stock-working parents. Contact us


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