Pic of the (shortest) day – Hurrah!

I don't think we've ever had so much grazing in December.

A group of sheepdogs with a frisbee

We reduced the sheep numbers, assuming there wouldn't be enough keep for the 30 we had through the summer and autumn, and now our small flock (flockette?) is making very little impact on the grass.

The orchard still has plenty of windfall apples under the trees; a sure sign that the sheep are finding plenty of more familiar food elsewhere. Usually, by December, the apples are just a memory.

Black and white border collie puppy with mottled legs
Odo - up to his knees in grass (though, to be fair, that isn't very far at all)

We don't even need to restrict the dogs in the field because we've no worry (yet) about poaching the ground. What an easy start to the winter - and what a bright Shortest Day.

Well, almost shortest day. This year the solstice will be December 22nd, so Happy Shortest Day Eve!

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